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IMM_ Media lab – MMessy Oscillators

MMessy Oscillators is a band that performs experimental electronic music. It was created as an outcome of the audio section of I’MM_ and mostly uses DIY electronic instruments like theremins, oscillators, DIY synthesizers and effects, guitar pedals, piezoelectric sensors, living systems-based instruments, touchtone, vintage electronic instruments, circuit bent toys, hacked gadgets, computer trash, etc.

Messy Oscillators performance @ Device_art 4.013
Performers: Tin Dožić, Ana Horvat, Deborah Hustić
Instruments: Drone Lab Synth, Classic Oscillator, Random Arpeggiator Thing Oscillator, TouchTone, MS 20 Filter, Guitar Delay Pedal, uCreate Sound Toy, Fra Angelico Synth (Standuino series), Piezoelectric sensor, MicroNoise Oscillator, Stylophone Beat Box, Stylophone Pocket Electronic Organ, Theremin, WatchOut! Synth...
VJ-ing: i.m.klif




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