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Cultural Uprising


Live radio interview with contemporary artists on the current state of contemporary art and society
Concept and direction: Janek Rous
Thu 22.9. - 19:30

We are born with our own understanding of the world.
From an early age, however, we are subjected to a brutal and violent education by our elders.
Why, at the slightest instance of free expression, do we hear, “Just wait, life will teach you.”
We are on guard, we become neurotic. We give up or hold on.
Why then, having thus been born, do we insist on seeing and feeling the world on our own?
It is because we do not do this that I acknowledge this truth.
Does it seem to some like a disease?
Who acknowledges it, only to suppress it?
Even though there are many in the world who feel the same.
We have great examples of those who foretold the coming of new ages.
New uprisings and revolts affirm that the tyranny of old thinking is strong.
I declare, however, that this phenomenon exists.
We don’t know from where we came, from whom we descended, and why we have the right to express ourselves the way we do.
The process of growth and one’s view of the world is different for everybody.
It is at least possible to tolerate the other side.
For fifty years, this age has been predicted by technology, science and artists.
We live with not enough education, and moreover, education for an old world.
If we need to orient ourselves, then we need new methods, and an end to nonsense!
The old thinking must come to an end and it will, although with a fanfare, it is a fanfare of pounding.

It is the beginning of a new sensitivity to the world and the environment.