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Jakub Čermák: concert and film

Neo-folk drawing inspiration from the Czech alternative scene and gypsy rap
Thu 2.2. - 19:30

Cermaque is the stage name of Jakub Čermák, poet, singer-songwriter and filmmaker who has earned repeated critical accolades as the most authentic continuator in the tradition of Karel Kryl. His idiom can be described as neo-folk drawing inspiration from the Czech alternative scene and gypsy rap.

Water Dive
In the spring of 2015 the husband and wife singer-songwriting couple Jakub Čermák and Iamme Candlewick left their rented apartment, took their one-year-old baby daughter, and revved up their antique Volkswagen mobile home, setting out on a six-month trip around Europe. During a tour of ten countries they kept busy writing and recording songs, animating video clips, taking care of the kid, teaching yoga and the like, apart from which they also shot a forty-minute documentary/essay dealing with alternative and inspiring lifestyles. The story of their journey served them as a cinematic backbone, an axis around which revolve portraits of the film´s protagonists, people they´d met on their way, whose stories they find inspiring, enchanting or just simply similar to their own tentative self-projections while on the road. The film is largely centered around imagery, with the camerawork paying a good deal of attention to fleeting details. “I tried to mediate through image the observation of a human individual in passage through space and time, a human being with eyes wide open and hungry heart,” the filmmaker comments on his work. The film is dominantly shot in an on-the-road variety of English, with Czech and English subtitles.

Admission 100 CZK