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Jakub Jansa

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Mon 27.10. - 20:00

Within the framework of a series of artists evenings, this time Jakub Jansa will present his portfolio. His projects explore the possibilities of contemporary and future technologies and the role of human beings in their initial attempts to program nature.

Author works on borders of various media and he is not worried to approach fields like a design or an architecture. For example one of his latest project explores possibilities of programming alive entity, generating mass, in this case a special device, which will create cave complex in next one thousand years. A motive of growth and haptics in connection with human activity is also present in author's other projects. For instance in "Vemězemě" there is a wind and movement hitting the body, it is recorded and later the whole action is reprojected into a silk screen with the use of robotic fans. In "Zóna" project there are plants, who react on our instant presence and become a medium storing information, which they backup through a drawing on the wall.

Jakub Jansa studies in Supermedia Studio at UMPRUM. With the head of the department Federico Díaz he collaborates on designing of the architecture for the exhibition of Karel Malich in Prague Castle Riding School.


Jakub Jansa presentation

Jakub Jansa presentation

Jakub Jansa presentation

Jakub Jansa presentation