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Christmas Bazaar

Jamie Drouin

solo performance
Thu 13.12. - 22:00

Canadian artist Jamie Drouin examines the sonic palette of electrical noise pollution and the positioning of these sounds within new music frameworks. Through installations, and improvised performances working with a small suitcase synthesizer and radio, Drouin creates intricately detailed compositions which seek to transform audience perceptions of familiar habitats, and to find new ways of relating to the auditory artifacts of contemporary life.

Drouin's work has been featured at several International venues, including the Biennial of the Americas (Denver), Mutek (Montreal), TodaysArt (The Hague), Decibel Festival (Seattle), Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art (Montreal), Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), Communikey (Boulder), La Société de Curiosités (Paris), and General Public (Berlin). His recorded works have been published through con-V, Oral, Dragon's Eye Recordings, Mutek_Rec, Rope Swing Cities, and Infrequency Editions. He has collaborated with several international artists including Crys Cole, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Yann Novak, Skoltz Kolgen, Lance Austin Olsen, and Karl Kliem.

Jamie Drouin is also the co-founder of INFREQUENCY EDITIONS, curating works by a diverse group of sound artists, and works as one half of DROUIN/OLSEN, a live project with Lance Austin Olsen.

Jamie Drouin is currently artist-in-residence at the Školska 28 Gallery, where he presents his site-specific installation Handfuls of Vapor.