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Jiří Černický - Journey to Tibet

Artists lecture with slides
Thu 8.12. - 19:00

Jiří Černický with small group of friends traveled this autumn to Tibet. Their destination was remote district of the western Tibet around the sacred mountain Kailás and the royal town Guge. The documentation contains several hundreds photographs from which Černický selected some which will be commented and explained by the artist.

Located in Purang County of Ngari Region, Mt. Kailash is the highest peak of Gangdise Mountain, with an altitude of 6,638m.Mt. Kailash, "Gang Rinpoche or Kang Rinpoche" in Tibetan, has been deemed a holy mountain for over 3000 years. Mt. Kailash is the place where the religion of Bon is originated. To Hindus, Mt. Kailash is worshipped as the home of Shiva, the god with highest supernatural power and the highest rank among the 3 gods of Hinduism. Pilgrims from India, Nepal and Bhutan as well as those from around Tibetan areas come here to pay homage to the mountain every year, making Mt. Kailash one of the most important religious mountains in Tibet.

On the south face of Mt. Kailash, there is a vertical cleft and a horizontal rock shelf that forms a Buddhist swastika symbol, which is holy to both the Buddhist and Bon religions.

Refreshment in tibetian style


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