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Jiří Durman & Miroslav Posejpal; guest: Mikoláš Chadima

15 + 25 + MCH
Sun 25.11. - 21:00

On a dreary autumn day 25 years ago a concert took place at the Junior Club in Chmelnice that brought together the Durman / Posejpal duo, celbrating 15 years of working together. Shortly beforehand, it was decided to change their normally purely acoustic musical lineup and add more energy through the use of electric instruments and sound effects.

The concert was one of the duo's most successful musical achievements and shortly thereafter the duo took the electric concept and tried to develop it - but withthe limited technical equipment that the group then possessed, after a time they returned back to purely acoustic lineup. Now they have added another 25 years to their 15.

George Durman and Miroslav Posejpal created the instrumental duo in the 70s, dealing from the beginning in the marginal phenomenon of instant composition - spontaneous and in real time. Various influences from many areas of music through improvisation were processed into an original musical expression. The aim was not just an experiment, but a musical language capable of communicating with the listener and carrying a communication intelligible only to a narrow circle of "insiders". A characteristic feature of their music was to use an extensive system of wind, string and percussion instruments - a multi-instrumental approach. However, this was not done simply for spectacular effects, but as an integral effort to maximize the expressive possibilities of the musician.

Earlier this year, Polí5 issued the retrospective double CD "In The Circles Of Time" mapping virtually the entire period of the duo's collaboration.

With Mikoláš Chadima, a legendary figure of the Czech alternative music, uniting both members of the duo's longstanding friendship, the origin of which dates back to the days when they met on various stages then alternative scene. Over time they held several joint performances.

The concert at Školská 28 Gallery will be dedicated to commemorate the anniversary of this international and unique collaboration. Part of the concert will be the christening of "CONSTELLATIONS - the constellations Edition" - a Limited Collector's Edition on vinyl with an exclusive packages produced DIY by Unusual Records (http://www.unusualrecords.cz/)

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč