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Concert Screenlab

Jorge Haro / Transport Puzzle

Live a-v
Thu 28.4. - 21:30

Jorge Haro is one of the most important musicians of South America electronic music scene. He is the expression of the future in electronic music, combining digital and analog audiovisual technology for generate a multimedia experience. He researches in the fields of experimental music, sound installations and audiovisual pieces. Jorge Haro works in the aesthetic and scientific aspects of the sound and vibrations, with particular interest in the expanded listening, the visualization of the sound and the data transformation processes. He has made acousmatic, audiovisual concerts, installations and exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Holland, Denmark and Finland. He composed pieces of music in collaboration with Francisco López/Absolute Noise Ensamble, Zbigniew Karkowski, Mitchell Akiyama, Sergi Jordà and 1605munro.

Before the concert of Jorge Haro there will be a set performed by Transport Puzzle.
Transport Puzzle (SK) - is a solo project of Peter Stehlik, laptop musician currently located in Prague and Bratislava. He uses field recording, sampling of various origin - from kitchen utensils to samples of machines and transportation, and manipulates them via Ableton/Live to construct improvised ambient landscapes. He is former member of Eduardo Borsuci in Optima Forma, project of well-known Italian singer. He took part in improvisation workshops led by Seijiro Murayama and Xavier Charles.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč