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Workshop Performance Main Gallery

Josef Daněk, Ken G. Hay, Vojta Horálek:Something about to happen

Interactive text installation, lectures, workshop
Mon 5.12. - 19:00

The participatory wall - billboard is composed during exhibition by open collective of participants: local and remote. The conceptual framework is everything what express and concerns our worries and hopes towards future: What is gonna happen? What we can say about it? Are we able to predict what will be our destiny?

Josef Daněk, Ken G. Hay a Vojta Horálek in collaboration with friends from Moorland Productions and Frozen Academy, visitors and remote collaborators compose the wall covered by our thoughts about future.

Frozen Academy is informal cooperative or network of visual artists and theorists residing in Brno, Prague, Leeds and Larroque. Prof. Kenneth Gordon Hay in Leeds University is one of the nods. Among members are Josef Daněk (aka Spherical skier or the Last Constructor), Aneta Soukupová, and Trina Hyun Byun. Frozen Academy serves a new model for contemporary creative education and is rooted in playfulness of Dada or Fluxus movement. Frozen Academy embrace life, kitch, wit, humor.

Moorland Productions is the non-profit making umbrella term for the collaborative art productions of Kenneth G. Hay and Seetha A . It was formed in 1996 to showcase our work in multimedia, installation, video, photography, painting, print and other areas. This website was formed in 2007 to present a public platform for our collective research and is being constantly updated.


Digital dinner
Performative lecture

Monday 5. 12. 2011 6 pm (opening)

Lecture of Josef Daněk extended with didactic samples of the virtual or telematic dining. Vojta Horálek presents new interactive installation Mini-China-Town and special dietical techniques. Pavel Kopecký and friends contribute with infra-music.

Something about to happen
6. - 11. 12. 2011
Workshop with students of the Drawing Studio at Ostrava University and the department of Visual Arts at Pedagogic faculty UK. supervised by J. Daněk in collaboration with V. Horálek and M. Sedlák.

The Genesis of Project
Performative lecture

12. 12. 2011 6 pm

Interpretative lecture of Josef Daněk and Ken Hay about the results of the workshop.


Performative lecture
6. January 2012 at 6 pm

Josef Daňek and Blahoslav Rozbořil - sociological interpretation of the assembly of texts, related to forecasting of the future and the year 2012.

Thanks for your collaboration