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Juho Laitinen+George Cremaschi

21st century compositions for cello and contrabass
Thu 24.4. - 19:30


Juho Laitinen

Phill Niblock: FeedCorn Ear

Juho Laitinen: More or less predictable waveforms

Juho Laitinen: Zen for Bow

Juho Laitinen: Song for G

George Cremaschi

Matthew Goodheart: For Bass

“In a concert bordering sound art and installation Finnish cellist and composer Juho Laitinen will perform FeedCorn Ear (2012) by Phill Niblock as well as his own compositions More or less predictable waveforms (2009), Song for G (2012) and Zen for Bow (2012). Phill Niblock’s music consists of a prerecorded 24-part microtonal cluster, which along with the live cello part will create a massive, breathing organism, where the sound because of physical and psychoacoustic characteristics appears to be in constant movement in the three dimensions of the space. Laitinen’s own works investigate the poetics of unpredictability: in the first piece via an elaborate computer program, in the second by means of a usually undesired phenomenon of string playing, the wolf tone. Zen for Bow is a rendition of La Monte Young’s famous event score “Draw a straight line and follow it”: a simple process is approached with maximal physical intensity, thereby exposing certain aspects of simple sonic phenomena normally hidden.

Juho Laitinen is a cellist and composer with a particular interest in the traditions of experimental music. He holds a doctorate from Sibelius Academy where his research on experimental approaches in 20th century compositions was titled “Manifesto of Sounding”.”

Matthew Goodheart: “For Bass (2008-9) was commissioned by the bassist George Cremaschi. I found myself drawn to the massive shape of the instrument, the broad surfaces of wood, and the way it is integrated into the body of the player. These physical aspects became the focal point of the work, both sonically and structurally. The body of the bass is defined by the central inward curving bout – an ‘absence’ of space. This ‘negative space’ connected for me to the noise elements in the drawing of the bow – the primary gesture in activating sound on the instrument. This piece is an investigation into these elements, the transitions between positive and negative space and sound as they play out over a broad expanse of time.”

George Cremaschi lives and works in Prague. As an interpreter, he has performed works by Andriessen, Braxton, Cage, Cardew, Feldman, Oliveros, Penderecki, Tenney, Xenakis and many others.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč

Juho Laitinen

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Juho Laitinen
George Cremaschi