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Julien Maire

Thu 12.6. - 21:00

An artist and a performer, Julien Maire works with audiovisual techniques. In particular, he is interested in photography methods and the exploration of the image in all its forms, as displayed in his recent installation Exploding camera, a post 9/11 work examining news and history through a destroyed medium. The projects he has led since 1995 are also characterized by the exploration of visual and spatial perception.
Born in France, and currently living and working in Berlin, Julien Maire is a graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Metz. His recent works were presented at the Arts Electronica Festival, Transmediale, or Sonar. His work has been shown in festivals, museums and galleries in Europe, China, and Japan.

Julien Maire


Julien Maire - performance (2)
Julien Maire - performance (1)
Julien Maire - performance (3)