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Kata Huszár evening

Wed 25.6. - 21:00

Kata Huszár (b. 1982, Budapest) graduated in Intermedia from the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest (2001-2006) with a residency at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich (2004). She has exhibited since 2002 in Germany, Hungary, and Poland.

Her recent exhibitions in 2007: BESTWEST group exhibition, Galeria Entropia, Wroclaw, Poland and FIS_ POSZT_Pécs, Hungary. In 2007 she attended TRANZIT artist in residency in the MQ in Vienna.
From 2006 she has been coordinating and helping the public art project Bridge:ing New Symbols and Identities in Europe (www.kulturresistent-austria.net) and also she is an organizer of the REAKTOR Gallery with Henrietta Szira in Budapest. (wwwreaktorsite.hu)

This residency is supported by the Visegrad International Fund, a program of the Visegrad Artist Residency Programme (VARP).

Evening Programme:

multimedia installation
Concept/idea/photos/camera/editing: Kata Huszár
Programming: Róbert Langh

This installation is a multimedia-based work which is to be used in a white cube situation especially for people who wish to be dealing with street art and graffiti. This piece allows the viewers to enter an unknown world. They can leave messages on walls, buildings and vehicals in a virtual way with the help of a keyboard or touch screen.
In this work I use a so called blue box technique, so I set images with motion picture together.
An actor was filmed whilst he has written out the whole alphabet in my studio. These recordings will be part of an animation.
The viewers/users can choose a background image from the projected software-interface, so they can leave a message on this surface. As they type their text, a small character is writing out eveything.
Results will be saved.
In this one-night event I will show you how it works.
For more informations: www.aranypehely.wordpress.com

-Documentation of performances and showing other activities I did during the residency

Rebirth for street signs
video/photo documentation of a performance

I have heard that Czech people have changed their beautiful red-white street signs when Russian soldiers entered the city so they got always lost even if they have used a map.
Well, nowadays it is not easy to find the way walking on the streets of Prague. There are no signs on the streets, there are only missing signs on the corners. I decided to place some in Dolni Pocernice, in the village we stay. This one is an empty and neutral board having the same red-white esthetics.

Wet short-wet shirt contest
documentation of a performance
This action is a new version of a performance I already did in Portugal in a street festival. In this older scene I have used female and male actors wearing usual white t-shirts (women) and white underwear (men). The actors were moving round and round on a stage while a character was watering the people. I tried to approach to a right balance between sexes in this show.
The Dolni Pocernice scene is a simple reaction. I enter the scene and I am already in wet t-shirt. I sit down on a bench in fron of my studio and keep waiting there for 20 minutes till I get dry.

(-Eventually drawings/paintings and a sculpture would be presented.)
For more informations: www.aranypehely.wordpress.com

Part 3
Presenting my activities (my role as artist as curator)

From 2006 until 2007 I used to run an artist-run-space in Budapest, Hungary. The place was called REAKTOR, and actually it was a garage. I was supported by Trafo-House of Contemporary Arts Budapest.
In this location I organized national and international contemporary art shows, short presentations, concerts for experimental music, there were dance and theater companies having rehearsals at our place. Despite our conditions/capacities and the small space the ’gallery’ had a great reputation in Budapest. Through Reaktor I organized exchanges between international institutions. Hungarian artist were guests in Portugal, on a street festival.
A sneak preview of our guest artists: forschungsgruppe-f(international artist group), Aurore Aulong(F), Carol Borja(MEX), Tibor Horvath(H), Adel Koleszar(H), Eva Szombat(H), And Company and Co(D), Michal Valent (SK)...etc.
REAKTOR: www.reaktorgallery.wordpress.com

This year my partner, Jens Besser and I are about to start a new location, KOLONI in Dresden, Germany.
Jens Besser is graduating this year on the Academy of Fine Arts (HfBK) in Dresden, Germany. He is in an experimental media class. In the last couple of years beside his artistic practise he organized exhibitions, street art workshops, guidings. His most popular presentation-serial is: Urban Script Coninues which you find in the internet: www.ak-47.de/urbanscript.
In this programme quite famous street artists have talked about their experiences, from a different point of view.

KOLONI is a 3-floor-buliding. In this house we set a community of artists. We help each other with the exhibitions, presentations and everyday life. KOLONi is therefore not only a representative space but it’s a living/working/exhibitiong space in one. In the framework of Metroploe Pieschen festival which is sponsoed by the city council Dresden we start our activities.