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Kenneth Atchley

KENNETH ATCHLEY (K. Atchley) is an artist who performs sound, video, and installation works ranging from pure-tone and noise hymns of the abstract to distortion-studded, richly harmonic, electro-acoustic sound and video devotionals to absorbed, immersed attention.

The composer is currently (2009) performing sets of variations from turtle; an audio and video concert work recently adapted from an installation. The primary sound is generated by six sine wave tones in the frequency range from 261.63 Hz and 440.00 Hz. Attending video landscapes are generated by defining and displaying sets of points within a single, germinal image.

In the winter of 2006-2007, Atchley composed a set of works for strings titled 7 stillnesses. The title refers not to a determinable number of "stillnesses"; more to the mythic use of number to refer to subjective experiences of stillness and quietude. The writing extends techniques that Atchley developed in his electronic work. In this composition the combined harmonics of an ensemble of string instruments create pared down, absorbing, tonal sound-planes.

Since 1997, Atchley has used fountains as sound-sources, sculptures, environmental and metaphorical elements. His work continues to be influenced and informed by that work, study, and listening.

K. Atchley's music and installations have been featured in venues ranging from U.S. hardcore-noise clubs and New York dance lofts, to art galleries and performance cellar circuits of Europe. Recent repertoire has included de Quincey Levitation, for laptop electronics and vocals (performed by Dean Santomieri and Kattt Sammon), and video. He also performs the assisted-installation fountain 14251 and Valhalla Chill a multi-movement composition for laptop electronics and musique concrète.

Atchley's CD of solo, electro-acoustic-noise works Fountains was released by Auscultare Research. The CD is available through and Amazon.com. His duet with John Bischoff has been released on Bischoff's 23Five CD "Aperture". The score for fountain 14251 was included in SoundVisions (published by PFAU Neue Musik, Germany, 2005). A profile of his work was included in the June, 2005 issue of Wire magazine (Issue #256).

Kenneth Atchley