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KINO ASIA: A Composed Theme Night „Mei Lanfang“

Educational fiml cycle of the high quality and low moroseness focused on the Chinise opera in film.
Wed 26.10. - 18:30

Mei Lanfang was the most famous artist of the Chinise opera in the 20th century. He did several tours in western countries and in the Soviet Union in the twenties and thirties. During his travels even Charles Chaplin and Sergej Ejzenštejn paid their tributes to him. Actor, whose biography is being filmed till this day. We will watch one of these films from year 2008 , directed by Chen Kaige simply called Mei Lanfang. This film will be introduced by record of comic opera The Drunken Concubine.
Host: Ladislav Čumba.

Free entry.