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KINO ASIA: Sbohem, má konkubíno

Educational fiml cycle of the high quality and low moroseness focused on the Chinise opera in film.
Mon 10.10. - 18:30

Farewell My Concubine is an international awarded film, which shows political and cultural evolution in China in more than halfcentury (1920-1970). In the background of the legend about a king, who lost everything in war but his horse and loyal concubine, writers tell a story about friendship between performer of female roles Cheng Dieyiem and his stage partner Duan Xiaolouem in Peking opera. Their close relationship is disrupted by a girl, who marries one of them. Peking opera is not just descibed as a place of hard wok, where actors are „trained“ by violent bullies. It is also a place where portrayal of female characters is associated with homosexuality (implicitly and explicitly). Farewell My Concubine could be understood as a film describing history of China by queer prisma. Director: Chen Kaige, China / Hongkong, 1993, 171 min, version with English subtitles.
Host: Ladislav Čumba.

Free entry.