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KINOKABARET: Lucie Kryzová - Polnička

The cycle presents the work of young scriptwriters. Yet unproduced films get an early preview for a night in the form of a staged reading.
Thu 26.1. - 19:30

Stage director: Mikoláš Tyc, script: Lucie Kryzová, dramaturgy: Lucie Kryzová, Vojtěch Bohuslav

Adaptation of Jana Šrámková´s novella Hruškadóttir

“You know they´ve no second names in Iceland?
If it´s a girl, she takes the name
of her father and adds to it the ending –dóttir,
like daughter. And I don´t even know
what his name was. I only know
that he planted this pear tree. So? /
I´d be – Hruška-dóttir.”

Hana loves Iceland, doesn´t know her father, and has a good deal of trouble seeking her own identity. Then she finds Madla and with her a whole new family – above all Šimon, Madla´s father.

Admission 100 CZK