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KINOKABARET: Vojtěch Bohuslav - What Shall We Do Now?

This series aims at presenting the creative output of young film scriptwriters. So far unproduced films will get the chance here to come to life at least for one evening, in the form of staged public readings.
Thu 23.2. - 19:30

Production team (direction, sets, dramaturgy): Vojtěch Bohuslav, Natálie Rajnišová, Zuzana Sceranková, Natálie Císařovská.

There are events in one´s life that may hit an individual so hard that they eventually break down. Such a person, as you certainly know, must then slow down for a while and take things easy. For her part though, Něžinka Bonapartová has by now somewhat overstayed her repose in that state of catalepsy. She´s lying there, surrounded on all sides by hospital whiteness, her blood saturated with artificial nutrition. The little girl (oh well, Něžinka will soon be getting on to twenty) grew up in a Functionalist villa, in a city filled with square shapes and sharp edges, and everything was jus so... like, transparent. That is, until her parents fell apart. But then what will happen when she finally unlocks her eyes again, and the world she´ll behold will not be quite the same as it was before? What shall we do now, Něžinka? It´s up to the Narrator to tell, while the Scriptwriter works for Něžinka. In due time he´ll address her. He´ll invent something to entertain her.

Admission 100 CZK