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Klára Tasovská: Midnight

Thu 22.9. - 22:00

An essay on sources of light, the meaning of darkness and light pollution, with several layers of interwoven meaning. In one of them the author describes her experiences during an experiment in which she was shut up in total darkness. Another layer of the film describes the activity of "darkers" who interrupt electricity supplies and then have fun recording the spectacular results of their "ecoattacks." This polemical collage also points out how terribly dependent humans are on electricity, and how much of it they waste. One of the most interesting passages in this imaginative mosaic on the crisis of current civilisation is a meditation by Václav Bartuška on the limits of progress.

Klára Tasovská was born in 1980. She Studied AVU - Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. She graduated with short film titled Reconstruction (2007). Since 2006 she is student of FAMU - Departement of Documentary Film. She also works as a curator of audio-visual projects of multimedia artists.

Midnight / Půlnoc, dir. Klára Tasovská, 40 min


Vračka / A Scrap (14´, CZ, 2007)
Strom (14´, CZ, 2007)

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Klára Tasovská: Půlnoc