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Curator: Kryštof Pešek
Thu 26.2. - 18:00

Kolektiv is an exhibition concept of the curator Kryštof Pešek prepared for the open platform Kolektiv. The members of the group will meet during the exposition on given days (27.2. 6.3. 13.3.). These meetings take the form of a public performance, in which visitors can participate actively, and will result in an unstable autonomous installation in the process of change.

Kolektiv is an open group of artists working in the realm of algorithmic visuals and electronic music who follow in the tradition of live coding, an art form based on the artist writing a code for their performance in real time, creating instruments generating sound or image right in front of the audience. Kolektiv organizes a series of improvised performative situations that have variable format, ranging from concert performance to an installation in the gallery space.

The occasional members of the group are Michal Cáb, GND, Kryštof Pešek, Jáchym Pešek, Jiří Rouš, Georgij Bagdasarov, Martin Blažíček, Petr Zábrodský, Alexandra Timpau, Jonáš Svatoš. However, with each performance the group's composition varies featuring between four up to twelve performers.

Public actions: 27.2, 6.3, 13.3.
Workshop: 010101- tůtů-blikblik (for children ages 6-12): 14.3. from 10 to 13h
Call for participation: https://k-o-l-e-k-t-i-v.github.io/

Recent events of Kolektiv:
19/12/2014 ČT Brno
04/12/2014 PAF Olomouc
29/11/2014 NEXT Bratislava, SK
09/11/2014 GAMU, Praha
30/08/2014 Prádelna Bohnice, Praha
01/07/2014 GAMU, Praha
18/07/2014 Projektplus Nádraží Holešovice, Praha
31/05/2014 Galerie Fedinanda Baumanna, Performance festival