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Concert Performance

Konrad Korabiewski/Slavo Krekovič

Artbook Orchestra and solo performance
Thu 30.5. - 21:30

The present form of Konrad Korabiewsky's project "The Art Book Orchestra" presents a sound composition consisting of 5 books, which are the sole source of sound. The books with the title "Affected As Only A Human Being Can Be" (Geiger Records, 2010) came about in collaboration between Korabiewsky and the mixed-media artist Litten. The project itself mingles sound art, experimental music, creative and book art in a radical way in a highly tactile, multimedial and interactive digital art form. The live-concert situation presents media artist Konrad Korabiewski in performance interacting with the 5 art books, which will also be filmed and transmitted as a direct visual aside to the concert so that the audience can observe the interaction close up.

The musical atmosphere of ‘Affected As Only A Human Being Can Be’ is sombre, intense, distorted, and has a profound sense of musical space and depth. The concert offers a unique sensorial experience.

Konrad Korbiewsky

An award-winning experimental multimedia artist, Korabiewski's (Dk/Pl) unconventional, experimental work focuses on absorption, content, atmosphere and the listening experience. Rather than using digital technology for its own purpose, he explores new possibilities for expressing philosophical views and artistic ideologies through music.

International newspapers often compare his musical expressions to the Norwegian ambient master Biosphere - “only darker and more industrial”. In 2011 Konrad Korabiewski won the international soundart competition Europe - A Sound Panorama. He is currently establishing Skálar - Centre for Sound Art and Experimental Music in Seydisfjördur, Iceland.

Slavo Krekovič

Krekovič was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. He splits his official identity between being a musician, musicologist, curator of contemporary music and new media art, journalist and cultural manager/organizer. He holds MA and PhD degrees in musicology, and was recently a Fulbright recipient at New York University (2011-2012). Currently he is resident artist at Skolska28 Gallery with the support of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program - Visual and Sound Arts.

He started publishing 3/4 magazine (34.sk) in 1999, and co-founded Atrakt Art - Society for Advanced Arts and Culture in 2000 (atrakt.sk). He is also the orrganizer and curator of a series of experimental music and multimedia events, including annual NEXT festival of advanced music (nextfestival.sk) and the Multiplace new media culture network festival (multiplace.org). In 2004 co-founded the independent cultural centre A4 in Bratislava (a4.sk). He is also a producer of recordings of contemporary music and has produced weekly broadcasts about experimental and electronic music for the Slovak Radio and the radioart.sk project.

He performs music solo or as a member of different experimental projects (Voice Over Noise, Shibuya Motors, Musica falsa et ficta, Kapela snu), and has written articles and papers on contemporary music, sound art and media art for various international magazines and yearbooks.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč