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Presentation Screening

Kralupy koan - Tibor Szemző

Last letter of Franz Kafka
Thu 14.6. - 22:00

Tibor Szemző presents some stages of his recent audiovisual work in progress on Dr Kafka's last friend and last love.
Dr Kafka did not just win the admiration of posterity with his writings. In his very person he had an even stronger impact on those individuals who were really close to him, and for whom being with him was the wonder of friendship. The young poet who visited him at his workplace the Workers’ Accident Insurance Institute; the medical student who was with him in the sanatorium; the kitchen-girl at a Jewish orphan camp in a German seaside resort, with whom he later lived in Berlin, and who remained at his side till the very end; these people didn’t see in him a writer genius, but a human genius. The project is created in the framework of Open Studios residency program Školská 28 and is supported by Hungarian Cultural Institut in Prague.

Tibor Szemzo

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Tibor Szemzo