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Kreaton Music Ports

Sat 28.11. - 19:00

Concert of polish producer Minoo within the frame of music-educational program Music Ports for young creators with interests for electronic music.

Professor Pawel Pruski, from The Jagiellonian University in Krakow alias Minoo, is known by his experimental electronic production inspired by jazz and hiphop. He cooperated with labels Mad-hop or Asfalt Records and he regularly presents his programme in radio OFF Krakow. For Music Ports in "pop-up" studio in Školská 28 gallery he prepared the workshop focused on new ways of conception live electronic sets, for example by using Ableton Live software and various midi controllers (workshop is only for registered participants).

Kreaton Music Ports includes workshops and lectures in Goethe-Institut and work in "pop-up" music studio in Školská 28 gallery under the direction of Czech and German professionals. For more information about the whole project, lecturers and registration please visit www.goethe.de/musicports.

The event is organized by Kreaton Music Ports, Goethe-Institutut Prague in cooperation with Školská 28 gallery.