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Krisztián Kristóf

Resident Artist

Krisztián Kristóf (b. 1976) is a Hungarian conceptual artist; he studied painting at the Hungarian University for Fine Arts, he lives and works in Budapest. He took a part in a number of residency stays abroad; in 2003, he founded the art group The Randomroutines together with Tamas Kaszás. The Czech and Slovak art scene had an opportunity to see his work for example in frame of the collective exhibition Městské legendy in Prague Meetfactory in 2012 and at the exhibition in Nová synagóga in Žilina in 2014 which presented the output of his residency at the gallery Stanica Žilina - Zárečie.
Kristóf's neologism "randomroutine" expresses the way of working with phenomena which we consider to be familiar but in fact we do not know them very well, using improvised techniques. Kristóf's work is almost always based on an ambiguous poetic narrative and expressed in various media (sculpture, drawing, text, video) due to its art and historical context.
The best known works of Krisztián Kristóf are presumably the linear figurative scenes created from welded rebars. Here, the author uses the technique which was massively widespread within the territory of the former socialist countries of Europe and which have been preserved in ornamental fences, window bars and interior elements (for example flower stands) till today. The author reproduces faithfully the significant linear simplification of this form of expression but the individual scenes are alarmingly changed: the poses of figures (often workers) are unrealistic and they might be engaged in unusual activities; sometimes we are looking rather at a post-apocalyptic scene than at the action of heroic work etc.
Krisztián Kristóf is the resident of the Gallery Školská 28 within the frame of the residency program supported by the Visegrad Artist Residency Programs. During his three-month residency, the artist will build a temporary scaffolding model as a stage for the filming of scenes from a fictional workshop where the statues from the public space will be recycled and transformed into new objects.