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Ladislav Železný & OEM ARTS & Adam Železný

contemporary composition, conceptual improvisation, pyroperformance
Thu 12.3. - 19:30

Three different approaches to sound performance.


Ladislav Železný: Zero (acousmatic solo perfomance for four speakers, smartphone and
OEM ARTS: Interpolations of timbre and harmony (conceptual improvisation inspired by the Kaija Saariaho’s text Timbre and Harmony)
CLOCK4/ART: Firesound

OEM ARTS is a Czech art group comprised of and connecting contemporary artists from the fields of sound performance, animation, and lighting design. Inspired by experimental art forms using a mix of sound – noise – silence, they specialise mainly in sound performances and installations. The group’s membership varies, depending on the performance.

guitar: Ivan Boreš
viola da gamba, violin: Eva Nachmilnerová
metal sheet, live electronics and other instruments: Jan Trojan
live electronics: Jakub Rataj

Ladislav Železný's piece Zero is a more conceptual acousmatic composition than a piece built on musical principles. He has tried to view the subject via contrasts. For some examples, he explores the acoustic smog around us as a counterpart to the atmosphere of an intimate whispering or inner contemplation; the moment of the strike of the strings as a counterpart to duration of their sounding or reverberation; or the moment when central heating starts in the room, a very quiet nearly inaudible sound, during which the heating can form harmonic structures and acoustic values -- in this case, almost uncomfortably loud sound built from its silent counterpart.

CLOCK4/ART: Firesound

A performative image based on a variety of pyrotechnical aids and accidental delay during the process of their burning. We will see and hear the trails of the burning fuses -– a tangle of axes, stretches of time and stages of the life of a work of art, its origin, creation as well as perishing and rebirth. Spark, ignition, time for art to burn. Its sound will be recorded and subsequently post-processed in short fire jam.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč