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This land is my land and your land, all fucked up

Films screening and paintings of Miroslav Urban
Thu 23.4. - 21:00

An evening with Miroslav Urban the photograper, draftsman, painter, filmmaker and author. Screening of several films, commented by the artist.

Intro by Antonín Petruželka

Miroslav Urban (1953) made with the 8mm camera during 80ies almost 30 black and white films. His films are focusing mostly on the desolated landscape of some parts of Bohemia. Urban is as well engaged in drawing, painting and is photographing endangered historical monuments. He covered most of the monuments in Northern and Western Bohemia. He captures as well cemetaries. Urban did collaborate with the samizdat publishers in Prague (KDM) and in Olomouc (Texty Přátel, Ječmínek publishing house).

Miroslav Urban writes poetry and literature texts and lectures about graveyards, devastating of monuments and travelling. His drawings are appearing on several publications.

without titel 1994

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bez názvu 1994
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bez názvu 2000