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Nancy Tobin
Thu 19.7. - 21:00

Book launch. Milan Guštar: Electrophony: The History, Principles, and Relationships of Electromechanical Instruments

Nancy Tobin works in sound art, music and theatre. Her scenographic work has been presented at festivals such as the Festival de théâtre des Amériques, World Stage Festival, Festival d'Avignon, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Berliner Festwochen. In 2002, she was nominated for the "Masque de la contribution spéciale" by the Académie Québecoise du théâtre . She works with the acousmatics of the presentation space, with the tonal qualities of amplified voices and the 'voice' of pre-recorded sound sources when amplified through various speakers. The piece "Leakage" uses the interference of interior and exterior sound equipment: headphones and loudspeakers.

Nancy Tobin

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Nancy Tobin
Nancy Tobin
Nancy Tobin