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Screening Lecture

Listening to the Movement of People Working

Wed 15.1. - 19:30

tématický večer projekcí ukázek z několika filmů je věnován k nedávným 80. narozeninám hudebníka, fotografa a filmaře Philla Niblocka a je součástí výstavy Tichá pole cestou z práce.

Phill Niblock:Looking at the Movement of People Working

Film and music by Phil Niblock (all different material compared to Niblock's previous China & Sunsets video). This double-sided disc features 6 short films (made in countries like Peru, Mexico, Hong Kong & Hungary) and 9 music pieces, recorded 1975-83 (utilizing cello, bassoon, contrabass, trombone, etc). "These 16mm films, 1.-4., were made in 1973/74. Three of them were made in Mexico, one in Peru. They were printed on Kodachrome print stock from a reversal original. The prints look as good as they did when made, quite beautiful. A few scratches, since these prints were shown many times over the years. These were the first films of the series 'looking at the movement of people working'. 'Sur Una and Dos' (Mexico and Peru, respectively) are concentrated on the movement of people's hands. Most of the activities are agrarian, some are crafts -- weaving, etc. In 'Trabajando Una and Dos', I was looking at more general work movement. These films are combined with four channel music pieces from roughly the same period. 5. 'Hong Kong' and 6. 'Hungary' simply have the names of the countries where the film was shot. 'Hong Kong' was filmed in 1978, 'Hungary' in 1985. The music was made between 1975 and 1983. In Hong Kong, I filmed in many communities on the main island, and some on outlying islands, also in Macau.

John Grzinich's video series "Location Sound Films- Mimema" takes as its starting point the concept of site-specific activity and proceeds to integrate contemporary sound recording practices that blur the boundaries between performance, field recording, improvisation and documentation. With the site as the prime focus, the artist, as actor and instigator, uses sound to investigate the characteristics of a specific context and his place in it.