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Main Gallery

Lukáš Hájek

Mon 10.1. - 19:00

Lukáš Hájek (born 1980, graduated from FaVU BRNO in the multimedia department) is an artist whose recent work investigates shifts in scale from the point of view of daily objects. In his artistic attitude and methods we find links to DIY culture, sport fishing and modelling. His sculptures (which are usually brightly coloured) take inspiration from folk art, the circus and visual communication systems.

Hájek's work is influenced mostly by his interest in folk art, DIY, sport fishing and tourism, and previously also new technologies. His more recent work is linked to the historical modernist styles of Contructivism and Minimalism; while also taking something from earlier experiments with geocaching (created together with Zdeněk Porcal). His recent objects are geometrically based, and are now more pop-art-like and exuberant, inspired by fishing lures and old Bohemian cakes. His new works mirror the concept that art is most inspiring when the creator does not think about the art. Fishing lures are functional and granny's cakes are created with a certain adherence to aesthetic minimalism, so as to follow rules of standardisation. And as we all know, art connects with beauty only sometimes, not necessarily always. Hájek's work takes sources from this space.

Curated by Jiří Ptáček.

Sponzored by IZOS s.r.o. Žatec.

Lukáš Hájek, installation (2)

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Lukáš Hájek
Lukáš Hájek, instalace (1)
Lukáš Hájek, instalace (3)
Lukáš Hájek, instalace (4)
Lukáš Hájek, instalace (5)
Lukáš Hájek, instalace (6)
Lukáš Hájek, instalace (6)
Lukáš Hájek, Jiří Ptáček, vernisáž