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Prophets of Alphabet
Fri 27.6. - 21:30

During the journey in the framework of Prophets of Alphabet project, last year the mamapapa group met very interesting and similarly aimed project Glagolic Dictatorship by Konstantin Denev and Atanas Totlyakov, from Veliko Tarnovo-Bulgaria.

While mamapapa is searching for the inspirative phases of the creation and spreading of the glagolic alphabet and mapping of the contemporary relation of the society to cyrilic alphabet, the Glagolic Dictatorship project is much more radical artistic gesture - it proposes utopistic subtitution of the european alphabets by the glagolic.

After the Glagolic Dictatorship Manifesto from last year, they published trancription of the European costitution in Glagolic this year.

Project of mamapapa-Prophets of Alphabet is inspired by Cyril and Methodus, who created the first old slavonic script-glagolic, later cyrilic - the base of slavonic identity and education.
This project freely retraces the paths of these prophets through central Europe, Balkans and Near East areas, looking for the paralels between historical events and contemporary situation, reflects relation among latin nand cyrilic alphabets , European union and Balkan countries.

Supported by: European Culture Fund, The Czech Ministry of Culture, the City of Prague