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Marcin Dymiter

Resident Artist

Marcin Dymiter aka Emiter - musician, improviser, composer and sound artist who combines field recordings, acoustic instruments and electronic sound. Emiter moves within electronics and improvised music. He uses and connects lo-fi/hi-fi, as well as sounds commonly known as interferences. He creates sound installations, radio auditions, soundtracks for films, performances and public spaces. He received scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage /2011/ and from The Goverment Of Pomeranian Region /2008, 2009/, from University of Art in Berlin /2005/.

He plays music for dumb films and collaborates with visual artists and dancers. He conducts sound workshops. He is a music producer, created and manages - together with Ludomir Franczak - Mikro makro festival and the live audition "Listen with your ear". Currently is he involved in projects as: Emiter, Emiter - Franczak audio video performance, voice electronic duo and North Lines.

Sound work and field recording projects:
"Soundpostcards monastery Tyniec" /2011/, "Soundpostcards Bytom" /2010 - Gallery of Contemporary Art Kronika/, "4 elements of nature" - sound action and concept /Francisco Lopez, Marcin Dymiter, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Rob Curgenven, sound exhibiton "The end of tape" /Poznań, Toruń/, sound action in Lublin, sound installation "Alphabet" Obphon Festival - Kirschau, Germany /2009/, sound installation "Sea sea" /Gdańsk, Elblag, Bytom/, audio video action /concrete poetry MAK, Vienna/, music for visual projects by Joanna Rajkowska.

Marcin Dymiter published recordings through Monotype Records, Audio Tong etc. He created sound installations for public space and exhibition spaces including the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Bytom, the Gallery EL in Elblag.


Marcin Dymiter residency is funded by Visegrad Artist Residency Program.

Marcin Dymiter




sound art, music