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Marek Hlaváč - Colective Electronic Music + Sara Pinheiro - Cat and Tongue

Thu 22.5. - 19:30

Marek Hlaváč openly challenges the audience towards active participation, also during special evening program in Školská 28 gallery and its surroundings. His aim is to engage public to musical "presets" in form of various special instruments and spatial and communicational configurations. (From installation to spatial composition, communitive performing, rehersal, improvisation to expansive walk outside of the gallery).

Marek Hlavač studies at the Academy of Visual Arts Prague Intermedia Studio of Tomaš Vaněk.

Sara Pinherio - The cat and the glove

A multichannel sound piece.

For it is the second chapter of "curiosity did nothing to the cat", it goes much in line with the cat's will in the previous chapter - if there was any. The piece is searching for ways to frame the sound, in its specificity and detail, as a sonic scanner, willing to find an internal logic in its own fictionality.

More info about Portugese sound designer and artist at: