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Marie Hájková & Petr Šprincl

author’s video-screening
Mon 28.4. - 19:30

Films of Marie Hájková and Petr Šprincl follow two formal lines. Their 8mm films and found footage, very precisely composed in post-production, oscillate somewhere between decadent aesthetics and provocative independent "transgressive" film.

Videofilms using dying analog format even more evoke B films of the 80'th and their retro equivalents and definitively dispense the documentary form. Authors acknowledge glitches, dropouts and dirt of used tapes and heads of old videocameras and recorders. Artistic duo will present their obscure VHS video collection.

Selected films (Ronald`s Supper (2013), Diabolique (2013) and Blue Box (2014) connects fictitious script and detective tingle. Blue Box will have its premiere here!

Marie Hájková and Petr Šprincl studied at the Faculty of Visual Arts of Technicla University in Brno in the Intermedia studio of Vaclav Stratil.


Marie Hájková & Petr Šprincl
Marie Hájková & Petr Šprincl
Marie Hájková & Petr Šprincl