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Workshop Discussion Concert

Marold Langer Philippsen - Streetmusic three

Radio workshop - audiovisual performance
Sat 30.4. - 21:30

Saturday evening: 7.30

Streetmusic three

Concert for Musique Concréte, Voice & Guitar with some visuals
by Marold Langer Philippsen and members of the workshop

Marold Langer-Philippsen was born 1964 in Munich, is active in the fields of time-based arts, social, sensorial and media design with a main focus on works in public space. He is the author of theatre plays, poetry and entertainment articles, as well as experimental radio pieces for ORF/BR/HR/NDR, the media art festival Ars Electronica Linz (2002-10) and for independent radios in Europe. His projects were developed, among other places, in Berlin, Bochum, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Dessau, Haifa, Halle, Lubljana, Melbourne, Munich, Paris, Riga, Rimini, Rome, Vienna, Wittenberg, Zurich. Selection: “radiomaya” (2010), the breakfast radio of the transmediale2010 - four days on utopia and dystopia and the end of the Mayan calendar 2012; “[funk]” (2009/10), a collective stage and radio play on/in/about Dessau in collaboration with Bauhaus Dessau, Anhaltisches Theater Dessau and the German Federal Cultural Foundation; “RAETERADIO” (2008 ), the proclamation of the soviet republic 1918/2008 (awarded the Kurt-Eisner-Preis); “AN-GELA.DE”, a project for and with youths on forms of politics and theatre using contemporary means drawn from performing and visual arts at Thalia Theater Halle.


Prelimiary Program:

Friday: 10 pm gathering

0 short introduction to some of my done radio intervention
1.set up of a story /stories for a new shorttime radio station on Prague's public spaces
2.testing of the tools like recording devices / mobile phones
3.searching for a fitting place
4 first tour
5 editing / composing of the signal to the radio station
6 feedback


7 second tour
8 broadcasting
9 archiving
10 concert broadcasting


Entry Fee: 300 Kč – Reduced: 150 Kč