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Martin Blažíček - Gradient
Thu 4.4. - 20:00

Gradient is:

1. Degree of inclination, slope.
2.Ascending or descending part; climb.
3. Physics - the rate at which physical quantity increases or decreases in proportion to changes in that variable.

Installation Gradient for corridor of Školská 28 confronts large format printing with the quality of natural light; visualizes the transition of light and darkness leaving the symbolic meaning of these qualities completely aside. It is a rational idea of visual perception of gradually decreasing light on the surface illuminated from one side, or it may also be a static version of the slowly recorded stroboscopic effect, which is a characteristic feature of audiovisual performances of Martin Blažíček. Used light spectrum is derived from the intensity of light right in the corridor.

curator Veronika Resslová


Martin Blažíček - Gradient