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Grey Room Main Gallery

Martin Blažíček - Sky blue
Thu 2.6. - 20:00

Monochrome projection and sky pantone. Single channel video installation for sensor, sound, screen and videoframe.

Sky blue installation transmits a single pixel from a camera pointed to the sky above gallery. Actual blue color is derived with PureData software and further processed as a controlling input of sound composition. As we see image reflecting sky color outside of gallery, sound changes from mid-day "melancholic" blue tremolo into random noise in night hours. A single picture in the middle of the projection shows collected samples through 24 hours of sky observation.

This work is inspired by long-term natural processes, which can not be consiously percieved by human experience as well as a long tradition of re-mediation in media arts starting from late 70s. [MB]

Sky blue

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Martin Blažíček - Sky blue
Martin Blažíček - Sky blue
Martin Blažíček - Sky blue
Martin Blažíček - Sky blue