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Matěj Al-Ali

Video Screening
Wed 17.9. - 20:00

The work of Matěj Al-Ali takes the form of performances, objects and installations. His short videos usually take the form of recorded events, but also act as sophisticated studies in the relationship between the viewer and the object. The DIY approach is an important aspect of Al-Ali’s work, which offers a sensitive and metaphorical journey into space and its context, interpreted through varying media.

“A work of art gives the viewer a remarkable space set aside for reflection. The daily routines and our environment reshapes us in its image, and we often neglect to look at our autonomous feelings and qualities. I am interested mainly in the exteriorization of these autonomous mental processes by making use of performance, happenings, or objects,” says Al-Ali, a graduate of George David’s studio at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague.

During the evening, he will present a retrospective of his student and current work, including his final project, which was recently created during a KAIR artist residency in Košice.

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Matej Al-Ali presentation