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Matthew Goodheart - Resonance and Language

sound installation workshop

The installation, built together with the workshop participants explores the relationship between audience and instrument, both physically, and through the use of language-based stimulation of the instruments. Four large cymbals, two small gongs, and other objects will be distributed in the space. The actual distribution of the instruments will be determined by the nature of the space, in a manner that best exploits its sonic properties. The sound is generated primarily by stimulate virtual resonant models of the instruments within the computer with recordings of various Czech words, spoken by local people and recorded while Matthew is in Prague. These words are then parsed into phonemes, and used to stimulate virtual resonant models of the instruments within the computer, the results of which will then be sent to the instruments to produce acoustic sound. A final public performance at Školská 28 of the workshop group Sunday 7pm.

The workshop is open for musicians, fine art students, sound artists and laic and no previous experience with such praxis is necessary. Bring your own objects you would like to resonate, if possible transducers, small amplyfier (comp box)..

please contact: matthew@matthewgoodheart.com, or skolska28@skolka28.cz

Matthew Goodheart has gained an international reputation as an improviser, composer, and sound artist. His works have been performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, and have been featured at the International Spectral Music Festival, June in Buffalo, Klappsthulfest, and The Illuminations New Music & Arts Festival, among many others. He has been the recipient of the Nicola DiLorenzo Award, the A.H. Miller Prize in Composition, the New Langton Arts Award, and a William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Honorary Fellowship. In addition to numerous solo CDs, he has recorded as part of Zen Widow, the Glenn Spearman Trio, the Marco Eneidi Creative Music Orchestra, and Gino Robair’s “I, Norton: An Opera in Realtime.” He has performed with such luminaries as Wadada Leo Smith, Fred Frith, Pauline Oliveros, Glenn Spearman, Gianni Gebbia, Vladimir Tarasov, and Jack Wright, and performs frequently with the new music ensemble sfSoundGroup. He is the founder and curator of Evolving Door Music, and has lectured and taught internationally, including Mills College, Eastman School of Music, Cal Arts, the Music Conservatory of Coimbra in Portugal, and Istanbul Teknikal Univeristy. He is presently a candidate in advanced standing at the University of California at Berkeley, where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in music composition.

Entry Fee: 500 Kč – Reduced: 250 Kč

 Matthew Goodheart, installation (detail)

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Matthew Goodheart
Matthew Goodheart, instalace