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White Billboard

Matyáš Chochola

The Song of Birds of Prey
Thu 2.10. - 18:00

“Presently, under the industrial iron vaults of the station foyer, he had an unspeakably peaceful experience, when the same man, in a denim jacket with a white logo, gently, and with a vanilla flavour started choking a man in a ruby-coloured jumper, from the back, so that in the next instant he threw himself at the man with full force, the denim jacket coming off nad revealing a cotton pseudoshirt in a sporting green colour, and as he cried, he felt his otherness, and so he remained entirely symbolic in this instructive assault, and the twisted ribs he felt underfoot radiated the same vanilla white colour as the sign on his jacket, which in its turn was in tune with the medley of colours refracted on the tarmac, full of memories, carelessly left hanging in the space.”

Matyáš Chochola is an inter-media artist. His sculptures and installations are defined by their antagonist form, using a wide range of unorthodox materials. His compositions often work with geometric curves and geometric forms. Abstract forms are combined with mundane objects to create a harmonious chaos.

Exhibition is held within Fotograf Festival # 4 – "seeing is believing".