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The Meanderthal

Hearn Gadbois/Marold Langer- Philippsen/Richard Mader
Thu 11.10. - 22:00

The Meanderthal was conceived by Hearn Gadbois as an evolving, mutating organism-one that by trial-and-error grows and builds fluid and organic grooves, soundscapes, and atmospheres. Combining the textures and timbres of Electronic Music with Middle Eastern Percussion, the groove has its roots in, but is not bound by, the drumming traditions of a particular location- the music seeks its balance in the sensitivity of its creators.

Not having a fixed personnel, this edition welcomes Marold Langer- Philippsen (D, Electronics) and Richard Mader (CZ, Percussion), both of whom formed a strong musical connection with Hearn Gadbois in 2010, Marold via a radio broadcast, and Richard via drumming workshops and ecstatic dance parties.

The music promises to give The Brain plenty to think about while giving The Butt something to shake to. To a Meanderthal, the mind-body disconnect does not register as a legitimate concern, therefore, listeners are encouraged to move if moved to do so, and to sit still if moved to.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč