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Reading Concert Performance


listening seance for headphones
Sat 28.9. - 16:00

Saturday September 28, 2013, 2 - 10 pm.
Gallery Hole/Díra, Galerie Školská 28, Handa Gote, Mlok Asociation, Radio Lemurie call for your participation on a listening session:

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Meziuchy/Betweentheears/Forficula auricularia

The program tributed to all sorts of earwigs bugs focus on contemporary music, sound poetry, performance, sound art for 8 hours continuous session.

We would like to introduce your own music and sound compositions, including improvisation, field recordings, original radio plays, dramatization of literary texts, all designed exclusively for group listeners equipped with headphones.

Technical set up:

Preferable length of the pieces: 1 - 30 minutes. can be a live session, or playlist a a recording (preferably in the form AIFF, WAVE, MP3).

In the Gallery Školská 28 available:
audiomixer with 6 intputs,
input to the distribution system for 30 headphones,
30 headphones,
comfortable seating,
tea and crackers,
otherwise almost silence.

the address of the stream through which you can send your piece to the gallery if you like to participate on distance live.

the entire program is taking place in the gallery space, but (if you can not come personally) on the Internet stream.

Meeting on Meziuších is as well lounch of the new design of the web "Zvuky Prahy"

sound work, music and soundpoetry by: Justin Bennett, John Hudak, Tariq Emam, Ken Ganfield, Karel SIdorjak, Slavek Kwi, Jorge Boehringer, Patrick Franke, Lloyd Dunn, John Tenney, The Artbreakers (Pavel Klusák), Jay-Dea Lopez, Krysztof Topolsky, James Wyness, Jiří Lindovský, Stanislav Abrahám, Ryba and Chyba, murmer (Patrick Mcginley), Marold Langer-Philippsen, Jez Riley french, Alexander Baker, Cédric Peyronnet, Peter Cusack, Martin Janíček, Akita.y, Michael Delia, Julius Fujak, Konrad Geca, Udo Noll, Petra Kapš, Michal Kindernay, Dallas Simpson, Jan Žalio, Mikuláš Mrva, Josef Mrva, Martinka Bobříková, Oscar de Carmen and others...

Those interested to participate please send a message with your name, title and approximate length, or time with live session to the organizers untill 26 September

For more information: Miloš Vojtěchovský, Kindernay Michal, Petr Vrba

streaming broadcast in cooperation with radiolada.net

zvuk, hudba, zvuková poezie/sound work, music and soundpoetry


2:pm – cca 9pm

Školská gallery Praha


14.00 začátek: Svatováclavský chorál, 2:29min
14:15 1. Justin Bennett, "The Garden" 16.05min, mp3
Recorded in my mother’s garden 2013. Dedicated to June Bennett (1935-2013). Field recording. (Thanks to Unsound).
2. Stanislav Abrahám, Spectral Scenery, 15min
3. Lloyd Dunn, 56547 passage, 15min, live
A simple assemblage of sound passages from a selection of mid-century movies, evoking an eventless space where only time passes. A close inspection of moments approximately intended to come forward once, then dissolve quickly into the past. Our present entr’acte includes the sounds of noisy optical sound film, Monica Vitti ringing church bells, Marlene Dietrich playing nothing on a piano, French trains and atmosphere of the 1930s, steel scraping against wood, a mimeograph, party horns, mumbling men and a string in E.
4. Peter Cusack, Aral Sea Thunder Storm, 13min
intro spoken
This storm was recorded in the village of Tastubek beside the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan on May 19th 2013. Storms here are important as signs of an improving environment. Ten years ago the Aral Sea had almost dried up. Today the Kazakh’s attempts to regenerate the Northern Aral are showing some success. Water levels are slowly increasing, wildlife is returning and the fishing industry, dead for decades, has restarted. Local people speak of wider environmental changes too. Dust storms have reduced in number and intensity and rainstorms now occur through the summer. The area is noticeably greener again. In this recording village sounds typical of Tastubek are heard, as well as the storm – camels roar; an old Soviet motorbike stutters into life; a young girl demonstrates her skipping before being called out of the rain by her father, a lone goat bleats, distressed at being separated from the flock; sparrows and swallows twitter. In real time this sequence lasted 32minutes. It has been edited down to 12minutes. Peter Cusack September 2013 
break 5.min
5. Ken Ganfield, live, 10min
6. Dallas Simpson, Pebbledash 1, An Experimental Sonic Transect, 13:34min
Lydd-on-Sea is a modern village, mostly built after World War II, which consists mainly of bungalows built along the Dungeness coastal road south of Greatstone, Kent, England. The shore is part of a plateau of pebbles of varying sizes graduated in strips according to the influence of tides and the action of the waves. This environmental soundscape with perambulatory improvisation was conceived as an experimental sonic transect across this variable pebble beach to the sea. A line transect is a system of ecological sampling in an environment taking measurements at intervals along a line across the environment under study. Analysis of such data can provide an indication of the effect of local environmental influences upon the variation of species present along the survey line.
The Sonic Transect: Using the sound of footfalls as the analytical sampling tool across a pebble beach, the sonic variation in pebble size and the influence of moisture as the sea is approached, as variation in timbre, is recorded in the context of the soundscape of the total environment.
There are sequences of two phases –
1) Perambulatory Active Analysis using footfalls to excite the sonic potentialities of the shoreline stone bed.
2) Passive Listening to the sonic actualities of the environment – the natural soundscape.
Recorded in binaural stereo August 2012, using custom modified in-ear microphones. Photographs courtesy of Helen Simpson. First broadcast on ResonanceFM Framework 2012 as part of a mix with narrative voiceover. This original unmixed excerpt is unbroadcast.
7. Krysztof Topolsky, Swing, 4min
Recorded and produced in cooperation with Vienna Based dj Darcosan. It was realised during my residency in Museums Quartier in Vienna in 2004. It is based on my concrete poetry scores called Swing. Translation of real swing patens/scores to sounds TA and KI and performed by voice. It was recorded and remixed by Darcosan.
Krzysztof Topolski - idea, swing poems, voice, composition Darcosan - recordings, production, mix, composition
8. John Hudak, Evening Time", 8.09min
the piece is based on the recording of one small leaf cricket that was singing at my window this late fall. as the weather turns colder, the cricket's song gets slower and longer until the temperature gets so cold that the song stops altogether.  "evening" is the process of drawing out, making things "even," which is similar to what is happening to the cricket's life.
9. Tariq Emam, Avignon Off '13, 8.00min
Avignon Off '13 is a composition of field recordings taken on a visit to the historic city during the annual arts festival Avignon Off. Drunkard locals and taiko drummers are just some of the performances captured in the 20-minute experience. Recorded binaurally, mixed with and for headphones. Tariq Emam swims the North Yorkshire coast in UK whilst researching music and philosophy and stroking his cat.
10. Karel Sidorjak, Úl/Hive 10.26min
Nahravka z vnitrku úlu porizena 22.9./recording from inside the beehive, made 22.9. 2013 San Francisco
11. Slavek Kwi, Dentalistening Day, 7.01min
Contribution to the celebration of the World Listening Day, Dublin dentists ambulance

intermission Laura Luna Castillo Goblin Market and is inspired by a poem written by Christina Rosetti.15min
12. Patrick Franke, Salim making tea, 12.08 min (live?)
In 2012 I went to Egypt for a bird migration survey in the nile valley. Our aim was to count especially migrating raptors (birds of prey) and other large birds on the northern border of the saharan desert. The team of surveyors hired local beduines as drivers and guides due to their amazing skills and knowledge of weather and the desert. To have a little bit of comfort and to prevent dehydration my driver/guide Salim made tea several times a day. For that reason he collected every piece of timber he could get on the way to our observation points. Then he arranged a tiny pyre made from that timber, plastic rubbish and fuel and boiled the tea on it. For half an litre tea he used three table spoons black tea and five table spoons sugar. Bottoms up!
13. John Tenney, HD, The Street Giveth, 8:55min
“Fantasy documentary" from the point of view of an old cobblestone street in New York--old cobblestones are very common in the Czech Republic but not so common here anymore--and asks the question, "what has this street witnessed during its history?" City life, now, back in the 1960s with the Black Revolution and the Love Generation, the 1920s, the Civil War (1860s), etc. etc. It uses field recordings, some of which I recorded, plus sound effects and short musical excerpts from a 150-year span.
John Tenney, HD, Forest: 3:56min
This is of a rainy French forest, with a stag giving his mournful mating cry. Wonderful detail and a very wide listening field! I started to think, “How could I transform this sound?” which led to various fantastic add-ons, and in turn led to “Why don’t people just leave the poor stag alone to do his thing?” Thanks again to Yannick for giving me permission to use his recording!
Break - Riasni Drova Consort - Live at Tysa
14. Jiří Lindovský live, ZEVO, 4min
15. Jay-Dea Lopez, Systemic Collapse, 20min.
Systemic Collapse uses raw and modified field recordings from the forests of Australia and was released through the label "Impulsive Habitat".Field recordings gathered on the australian west coast around Nimbin and Byron Bay. Places of resistance in the 70′s, where hippies communities fought against industrial deforestation.
Something here takes place, related to confrontation as this deafening battle royal never ends. Small or big insects, all go to the war, but how long can they resist this unequal clash?
16. Michael Delia, Building a temporary shelter by night (Nema Musasa) 15min.
August 20th, 2013 Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, recording of cicadas, tree frogs and mbira dzavadzimu. For the field recording I am playing the mbira in real-time with the cicadas and frogs. I later created a composition which gradually increases in volume to the middle of the piece and then gradual descends till the end. The first half of the piece which increases in volume is unaltered from the original. This half is then flipped over, reversing the sound, which decreases until the piece ends. So the temporary shelter(sound-tent) is first built up and then dis-manteled. Nema Musasa is a traditional shona mbira piece  from Zimbabwe which translates as " temporary shelter". It is a song once associated with war which is has become a hunting song. The building of the temporary shelter, the "musasa" is  what is built by the soldiers/hunters while away from home.
17. James Wyness, The Ettrick Marshes Part 2, 9.12min
This piece combines music and field recordings, elements which I plan to develop as resources used in the accompaniment of traditional song. The music is played on hand-made microtonally tuned folk instruments such as zithers, bowed psalteries, steel tube marimbas, along with glass bowls, found percussion and found objects. The string instruments are prepared with various metal preparations and activated using small electrical and electronic devices. The field recordings offer two perspectives on a specific location, the Ettrick Marshes..
18. Akita.y, Anja Kaufmann live?

19. Ryba and Chyba, Drone, 6,26min
Ryba & Chyba is project of two Czech musicians. Their music oscilates between ambient nujazz - jazzy downtempo and experimental noise drones - electronic music.
20. murmer (Patrick Mcginley), Rain, 10min
contact mic field recording of light rain falling on an old television antenna.
21. Marold Langer-Philippsen, Sancova street musicnew track from streetmusic - a serie of sporadic concerts and live performances by mlphilippsen and often divers other artists. based on field recordings and everyday life sounds these musique concrète tries to recreate the sonic character of a place, a location, a street. the track deals with the sounds of one of the main roads in bratislava: šancova.
22. Jez Riley french, Dust Celestine, 9,01min
an extract from one piece on the forthcoming release '(dust) | celestine',recorded during preparation of a commissioned piece for tate modern, 2013. recorded using JrF c-series contact microphones, ultrasonic detectors and JrF adapted geophone.
break: kunky Vít Zavadil

23. Jorge Boehringer/Core of the Coalman - Mad Weather Produces Boring but Beautiful Allergy, LIVE 20 min
electro-acoustic sounds in time (electronic, viola, and objects)
24. Alexander Baker, Bee Bells Butterfly, 8min
A work created from sounds of two bumble bees, one butterfly and several bells (which impeded recording of one of bees). Some of the piece is noisy because the bees and butterfly were surprisingly noisy. No creatures were distressed during the making of this piece, no one was stung; bells were unharmed. 
25. Cédric Peyronnet, La Perouse, 10.18min
toy.bizarre "kdi dctb 195 [c] Recorded Botany Bay (Sydney, Australia) - La Perouse, July 2008. http://www.ingeos.org
26. Martin Janíček, Timetables turning, 7min (zkráceno)
Recording from projekt + gallery at Holešovice station, Prague, january 2013.
By rottion of the particular cylinders-sometime up to 8 parallel rotating cylinders, originally bearing the train timetables, I created layered soundscape, from which voices and other ambient and environmental sounds appear to frońt, to be covered by the other sounds again/ Nahravka z galerie projekt+ na Holešovickém nádraží v praze, leden 2013.
Roztáčením jednotlivých válců-místy až 8 paralelně rotujících válců- puvodně určených k vylepování jízdních řádů jsem vytvořil vrstvy zvuků . z kterých místy vystupují hlasy a jiné ambientní a environmentální zvuky, aby byly později opět zahaleny dalšími zvuky.
27. Michal Kindernay, Island , 6?OO?
Island je utkaný ze sítě potrubí přenášející teplo do domů, lázní, skleníků, tepelných či aluminiových továren. Ze země, hor i fjordů unikají hlasy a toky horkých řek a chladných vod se na povrchu setkávají. V nahrávce naslouchám hlasu vody, která má stále v paměti zrod i zánik.
28. Julius Fujak, By my Blood, 5min
from "Wordless:" Project of nonverbal correspondance with fine artist Ludivine Allegue 2009)

29 Konrad Geca, Kineformy, 4.56min
OST excerpts from "Legend of Cineforms", a film about artistic phenomenon of "Cineforms" by Andrzej Pawłowski. Directed by Daniel Rycharski and Michał Zawada with pictures by Bartosz Cichoński.
30. Udo Noll, 2 aporee events, 10min
1. Berlin, Maybachufer, walk through crowded market. bagpipe player at the entrance, market atmosphere, fruit sellers and buyers. the hour before it closes, many people come here to get cheap fruits and vegetables. the market at this place exists over 100 years, Franz Hessel wrote about it in the 1930s, not so much has changed since it seems.
(5:30 min.)
2. Improvisation on Burkernerstr., Berlin. binaural walk from ym door to the pub at the corner, where another microphone is waiting (and running synchronuously). arrival at the pub, a mobile phone plays a piece of german poet Jurgen Becker, read by myself, about the idea of a global kakophonic phonecall of mankind. (3:50 min.)
http://aporee.org/praha/ HD
31. Petra Kapš, 3 Crown Poems, 2013
> white / january 24 2013 at 16:19 / 5'39''
light snow, spoken words and whisperings, wind, snowflakes ...
> opazovalka z drevesa / march 23 2013 at 17:13 / 5'43
spoken words, coldness and grayness   
> snow, wind and umbrella / march 25 2013 at 17:00 / 4'16''
partial lunar eclipse, full moon, whisperings and spoken words, traffic hum
32. Martinka Bobrikova, Oscar de Carmen - Completo Solo Audio Flu and Tran,15.11min.
Our work continues to circle the field of social and political criticism. The subject this time is some important things happened in the year 2011, and how this is connected with us. We are talking about events such as the attacks in Norway, Spanish Democracia Real Ya movement, Greek debts and protests, vivid first-person, and other like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, The Arab Spring, or Bin Laden’s death. We would like to reinterpret all these facts in a sound composition. Our focus, in this project, lies on investigating the possibilities of combining in different way, the composition of video/image/sound track collected in Internet or newspaper. The goal is to create new social, political and anthropological narratives through the realization of soundscapes. The idea is to imitate the speech rhythms and pitches of the subjects and metric shape of the words, which is often wittily capturing the exact melodic contour.
32. Jan Žalio-David Košek a Igor Lubek, HD
Záznam jednoho z mnoha dopolední z nejmenovaného Open offisu v Praze určeného na výrobu nepotřebné spotřební internetové grafiky. Počet zaměstnanců cca 12x3+20.
34. Federsel
Ahoj, tohle je jediný co mám momentálně. nevim jestli je to vhodný, posu'd sám-má to asi 6 minut. Trochu jsem to upravoval, ale je to trochu lo-fi, nebo se tam s tím aspoň pracuje.
35. Czilla Hody: The recording was made in a vocational school for worker class teenagers who is going to be waiters and waitresses. With our political theater group we initiate an educational program about gender inequalities, so it is an alternative educational approach inside of a state school for young people of less privileged background. You can here the names of the students at the beginning of a lesson, which is a contradictory situation, cause we are not supposed to be surveilleurs of them, nor teachers, nor educators, we want to ask them questions, and let them listen to each other, but to gain their concentration, we have to do some basic practicalities, like checking who is in the classroom and who is not. And also, the half of the students don't finish the year, they simply don't attend the classes, and on the other hand, our project should not be taken obligatory for them, but rather something, that they are motivated to do.
So this situation is complex. I attached as well the list of the names of the children.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 80 Kč