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Concert Screening

Michal Zbořil/Martin Blažíček - live a/v + Jiří Havlíček / Zajatci filmu

free a/v improvisation + video-fragment
Thu 28.2. - 20:30

The duo of Martin Blažíček and Michal Zbořil will present their live a/v performance.

The duo consisting of Martin Blažíček and Michal Zbořil explores the border area that opens up when audio and visuals are brought together in improvisation. Zbořil plays the Korg synthesizer for such acts as Zabloudil, IQ +1, and the Prague Improv Orchestra, among others, whose styles are based on the sound qualities of electronic synthesis. His predominantly nonidiomatic method of playing unfolds on the basis of oscillating sound textures. Martin Blažíček makes use of live projection in combination with physical objects, mechanics, microsampling and digital video. His latest project develops digitally on the principle of the thaumatrope, an optical toy popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Jiří Havlíček presents his current work Zajatci film.
Appearing: Anita Somrová, Ondřej Novák and Jiří Havlíček st.

A video fragment that takes place in the spaces between several movies. Freely inspired by the Czech children’s movie “Kaňka do pohádky” and the French silent series “Les Vampires”. Johana Švarcová will offer live accompaniment.

The originally planned concert by Iliya Belorukov has been postponed and will be presented at another time.

Entry Fee: 80 Kč – Reduced: 60 Kč