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Performance Screenlab

Mikroloops - Fear and Trembling

Guest: Yan Jun (China)
Thu 25.11. - 20:30

New Mikroloops performance premiere, 16mm multiscreen with live sound.

Inspired by aesthetics of explicit internet amateur videos, Mikroloops bring digital image back to a 16mm flash-and-freeze survey through the forbidden imagery.

Fear and trembling is new 16mm multiscreen live performace by Mikroloops group. Originating in amateur explicit video from various servers (***tube.com) Mikroloops reduce material into minimal half abstract fragments of source footage. Original videos are converted to an instant vibrato (or trembling), keeping its original character of voayerism and explicit nature, slowly expanding from trembling into stroboscopic fireworks. Inspired by pre-cinematic machines (two frame interchange of Thaumatrops), Mikroloops apply basic motion principles to videos from the internet age. Animation of objects from pre-cinema history extends to animation of entire media surface, using all its imperfection and compression dammage together with film specific dust and scratches.

Stanislav Abrahám - max/msp, electronics
Georgij Bagdasarov - turntables, electronics
Martin Blažíček - film 16mm, optical objects
Michail Cabowitz - pd, electronics

Yan Jun, work with sound and language. Born in Lanzhou in 1973. Based in Beijing. B.A. of Chinese Literature. Involve to feedback noise, voice, field recording, site-specific sound installation, impro music, writing, publishing and curating. Founder of Sub Jam, which runs weekly event Waterland Kwanyin (2005-2010) and annual festival Mini Midi (since 2005). Had join musical projects as Tie Guan Yin (varied members). Pisces Iscariots (Yao Dajuin, Li Jianhong and Yan Jun). Now member of FEN (Fareast Network, Otomo Yoshihide, Ryu Hankil, Yuen Cheewai and Yan Jun). He has published 5 essay collections about Chinese new music and 3 poetry collections.