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Modern Anxiety

Laura Luna Castillo, Pascal Silondi, Jakub Grosz
collaborative installation
Mon 18.7. - 18:00

During this one week open studio/workshop, various technologies such as virtual reality, electroacuostic soundscapes, sensors and motors will converge with traditional techniques such as embroidery and sculpture to create a series of installations reflecting on and exploring the ideas of alienation, modern anxiety and the acts of forgetting and remembering, by recreating places of memory, inhabited spaces, emotional states and the media. The resulting installations will be exhibited through the following week.

Laura Luna Castillo is a multimedia artist currently based in Prague. She was born in Mexico in 1991. She began her artist practice focused in photography, later developing an interest in video and film. While working with these media, she began to experiment with other forms of artistic expression which allowed her to explore the mechanisms of memory, narrative and the imagination. Within these explorations, sound became a central element of her practice, combined with her passion for machines, repetition, textures, generative narratives and the complexities of memory and associations. She has developed a variety of multidisciplinary projects, where different materials and technologies coexist, taking the form of audiovisual performances, objects, installations and interactive works. In 2014 she released an experimental album Isolarios with the independent label Baba Vanga, where the sound and composition were made using generative and mnemonic processes.

Pascal Silondi was born in Paris in 1973, and has lived in Prague since 2000. As artist he developed various interdisciplinary projects where virtual and real environments come together as art performances or installations. He founded the association LIBAT (Hybrid laboratory for Arts and New Technologies) in November 2002. For several years, he has been developing various artistic and cultural projects with the objective of exploring the complex art-science-news technologies of information. He is interested in system architecture and, in particular, interactive multimedia storytelling in 3D shared environments. His artistic and technological practice has evolved as a trans-disciplinary walk-through, exploring contemporary languages and fields like cinema, video, scenography, sound, robotics and data processing, using sensor systems like motion capture to connect performers (such cas dancers, actors, the public) in 3D digital space. He has been directing LIBAT since 2002 and has lead the interactive media department of Prague College since 2006, where he and his students and other lecturers have developed a creative approach to interactive media and fine art, exploring animation techniques, 3D, web, film, sound, interface design, etc.

Jakub Grosz is a Czech multimedia artist primarily concerned with the behaviour of light in interactive systems, video, and scanography. Issues such as complexity, chaos, and the relativity of perception play a major role in his experimental works, often combining large-scale projections with video feedback, including a wide range of virtual and real elements. Since 2009, Jakub has been working on interdisciplinary projects at LIBAT - the Hybrid Lab for Arts and New Technologies. In 2011, he completed a B.A. in Fine Art at the Experimental Media program at Prague College/Teesside University. Since 2013, Jakub has been working at the Eli Beamlines laser research facility. He is also an associate lecturer at the School of Art and Design at Prague College.