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Mojmír Pukl

Mojmir Pukl is the initiator of cultural uprisings, interdisciplinary creator, studies E. Prikryl School of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he later worked as an assistant for 8,5 years. Outside of performances, eg .: undressing ( espolio ), the spring, body art Karlovy Vary; David Marat - happening Hradec Kralove with MilanemLangrem ( BrutálníNikita ); tetrahedron position of body art , Divus naked Forms Festival , Vrané nad Vltavou) participated in group exhibitions, eg . Emil Prikryl and his school - an exhibition of projects of prof . E Prikryl and his school - Jaroslav Fragner Gallery , house architecture Brno , Bratislava GA ; Chemical Safari - Waterfront Water - site specific productions with T. Zizka ( Shooting performance , Hradec Kralove, Virtual mushrooming - performance Nod ; Nests of Games ( Play) - Environmental resustitace Manes (architect of the exhibition ) and its own object and installation of the exhibition P Nikl and interactivists. Intrinsically directed outside.


Czech republic


performance, site-speicific, architekcture, interdisciplinary projects