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Concert Screening

Moving silence

Improvised music, video screening
Wed 14.4. - 21:00

The Berlin based platform Movin silence features artists and musicians from Berlin joined by artists and musicians from Prague. Their live improvisations and interpretations on stage. A number of collaborative performances will be presented where experimental image and sound will meet in unusual and unexpected ways.

Moving Silence is a new platform and a network for contemporary silent movie culture. Behind this name works a group of musicians, artists and film professionals based in Berlin, who are interested in bringing the poetry of silent moving images back to the present. Moving Silence creates events in order to connect the roots of cinematography with the present aesthetics of image, the live music production and the potential of new technology.

"Afterwards I am not surprised that almost all efforts to make a silent film during the last decades have somehow failed; the easiness of explaining all by words has polluted our story-telling to a pale shadow of original cinema" Aki Kaurismaki had stated. The Moving Silence initiative proposes a new contemporary silent movie experience as an alternative to the overloaded with information culture we are situated in. It embraces experimentation and merging between contemporary forms of visual and sound inviting artists by different parts of the world to join in.


Landscaft 1 (Matthias Fritsch), Best friends (Armin Mombassari), Dots (after Norman Mclaren by Marco Brosolo), Berlin (Reynold Reynolds), Oh Dear (Nicolas Provoust), Riot (Matthias Fritsch), Notiz1 (Carsten Wagner), Matronen (Juengen Eckloff), Adamah (Tassos Langis), Bummi (nalezený Super8 film).


Icon orchestra
Martin Janíček
Anja Kaufmann
Sonja Divo Vectomov
Lukáš Kosek
Anastasia Chrysanthakopoulou
Nicola Pavone

Moving silence


Moving silence
Moving silence
Moving silence
Moving silence, Anastasia Chrysanthakopoulou
Moving silence