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Jan Per Adeström

Site specific project of Swedish artist deals with the issues of location and hypothetical register of the residents of the Školská street in the center of Prague. The street is inhabited by several hundred people, there are several shops, a hotel, some schools and offices. The tenants are living here at least during last 50 years in a relative alienation and anonymity. What connects them is the occasional encounter on the street, shops and their names on the door bells or post box. Jan Adestrom, (born 1963 in Malmö, lives in Bergen) is inquiring the sociology of urban units and he develops a sublime interventions into the dynamics of the social and community structures of different European cities. The project "Names", proposed for the "white Billboard" consists of collecting of lists of names, found on the door bells and post boxes and transferring them simply on the surface of the white billboard. Project "Names" approaches themes of privacy and intimacy of the individual, the determinacy of public domain, bureaucratic control and fear and challenges the constrains of stereotyp, influencing our behaviour and ways of thinking.


billboard školska 28