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Grey Room Main Gallery

New Rurality or attempt for new myth

Jan Trejbal and Janek Rous
Thu 22.4. - 2:18

With wooden backpacks to the village or attempt to create a new myth.

After nightfall we walk into the village and with the help of the equipment in our wooden backpacks we are creating various more or less clandesine situations of different duration and stage of birth/discovery. We leave behind almost illegible messages which, however, consecutively form a larger whole. Each of our night activity is signed by an abstract sign, which may also become its result. A certain untity is created through this sign and thanks to it we may reveal other messages which cannot be read quite unambiguously. Observing and revealing the events which we created within a rather small territory lead to rumour and speculation. The environment which gradually lost a whole range of its traditions and local characteristic features thus acquires an opportunity to create a new legend or possibly to set up a new tradition.
We have chosen mainly disfunctional and neglected places and structures so that we could either give them a different dimension or let them gradually perish completely.

Through these often indistinct and at first sight strangely beneficial activities we let our matter develop leaving space for different interpretations concerning its sense and importance knowing that it will never be quite possible to find any substantial evidence.

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Neue Dörflichkeit - aneb pokus o nový mýtus
Neue Dörflichkeit - aneb pokus o nový mýtus
Neue Dörflichkeit - aneb pokus o nový mýtus