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Nick Deamer

Mon 3.11. - 19:00

Nick Deamer will be presenting and discussing a new project using floating water-craft (buoys) outfitted with uniquely designed motion sensing equipment to sense and transmit real-time oceanic wave motion from one location to another allowing a viewer to experience the motion in multiple dynamic formats. This is one project in an ongoing series titled "Transfer Stations" where Deamer will investigate ways of transmitting and experiencing real time motion based on remote meteorological/environmental data. This will be a fun event. Fresh baked bread will be served.

Nick Deamer lives and works in Santa Clara California as a freeway sign Engineer. He is a graduate of the College of Santa Fe with a degree in Moving Image Arts and is a recent graduate of the Vasulka School for Media Studies, also in Santa Fe New Mexico. He recently finished a 6 month artist residency at the Montalvo Arts Center as part of the Lucas Artist Fellowship grant. Selected by a jury and receiving an extra term of the fellowship grant, Deamer was offered to install 2 large sculptures in the Montalvo gardens and continue his studies with video and computer animation.

Deamers’ recent video work is composed of both well-known and not so well known optical illusions. Currently he is introducing more of these optical illusions into a moving format for display as a projected installation. Experimenting with luminance values, colors and design order/structure Deamer looks to present the maximum effects of these illusions while generating new samples for study.

During his stay with Skolska 28 Deamer with be further developing a future project involving trans-global communication triggering motion between floating buoys in Prague and California. The project will be presented towards the end of his residency. Also, he will install some of his latest print work for display in the gallery space.

Nick Deamer


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