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Object in Space

Discussion about Contemporary Czech Sculpture
Wed 12.5. - 21:00

An Evening tributed to the contemporary /abstract/ Czech sculpture.

The recent fierce discussion at the conference about the Prague Academy of Fine Art opened among other an issue of the tension between supporters of a "classical" genres and followers of "new media artists" within the Prague art scene. Can we still use such classification and framing in 2010? A new challenge to continue in the discussion offers the evening initiated by young sculptor Veronika Resslova.

She will try to approach and present several recent works of young artists, sparsely reflected by curators and to talk about the living and professional circumstances.

she would like among others rise up some questions as:

What is the situation in current abstract work with volume and space, what are the origins, conditions and the language young sculptors are applying?

Can we still consider sculpture as a legitimate tool for artistic expression, or is it rather a commodity, an appendix of architecture practice, artistry or simply a division of applied art?

Can artists following such approaches present their work and how they see their perspective in a professional carrier within the contemporary art scene?

works presented by and participation in the discussion: Pavel Hošek, Vojtěch Míča, Petr Stibral, Eva Humlová, Monika Immrová, Bronislava Malá, Pavel Šimíček, Karel Přáda..... and more.

Currated by Veronika Resslová, who graduated from the sculpture department of Jindrich Zeithamml at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2004

group exhibitions:
2003: MECCA, Terezín
2006: Socha 2, GFJ Kutná Hora
2007: Socha 3, Wortnerův dům, České Budějovice
2008 : Nic na odiv, Kateřinská zahrada, Praha
2009 : Vkročení do prostoru, GVU Most


Pavel Hošek, installation, photo: archive of the artist

About the Artist 


Pavel Hošek, instalace, foto: archiv autora
Věc v prostoru
Věc v prostoru
Jakub Lipavský, instalace, foto: archiv autora
Vojtěch Míča, instalace, foto: archiv autora
Petr Stibral, socha, foto: archiv autora