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Open situations no. 1

Thu 6.4. - 2:18

Open Situations is a semi-regular recurring social and cultural evening that takes place at KP Školská 28, and is open to the general public. Each evening will include a series of short presentations by invitation of the organizers, followed by discussion. The floor will then be opened to anyone in attendance who want to present something of their own. They might do a short performance, show a video they're working on, images they've made, a work in progress, announce an upcoming event, read a poem, sing a song, play a recording, or anything similar. Those wishing to present should notify Školská 28 the day before Open Situations to be put on the list of presenters. Presentations may be wide-ranging in subject matter, but we request that it be something pertinent to an audience generally interested in art and culture. We also request that presentations be kept as brief as is meaningful for the piece. We don't want to make firm rules here, but a series of 10, 20, or 30-minute presentations will keep the evening interesting and moving along.

In April, Open Situations offers presentations by artists now in residence at Open Studios in Praha Dolní Počernice. These include UNESCO/Aschberg laureate Kaoru Tsunoda (Japan); Czech painter Blanka Jakubčíková; and Ed Clive and Fiona James, artists who also run a gallery in London.

Also: Jan Švec and Michal Fiala performance with visuals, movement, and poetry.